Get Excited!


3 Reminders About Our Upcoming Call

1. Please allow a full 45-60 minutes so we can dive deep into what EXACTLY it is you want to achieve and why you have not been able to get there or get back there on your own. This is for your benefit!

2. Please be 100% SURE to pick up the phone at the designated time and day you have chosen and be in a QUITE PLACE with ZERO DISTRACTIONS (such as your home or office.)

3. If your application form indicated that an additional person who helps make life/financial decisions with you such as your soon-to-be-spouse or parent needs to be on the phone with us......they ALSO need to be on the call in order for the call to take place.

Well...that's it!

There is ZERO pressure on the call as we both have to want to work with each other and feel really good about it.

And if we both do... there will be a big "fast-action" financial incentive on the FIRST call only for those that are ready to get wedding fit!

Have a great day!

Coach Mitch - creator of "The Fit Bride" Coaching Program

Happy Brides