Get Excited!

If you can't make your phone call for ANY reason, please just let us know.


Step 1: Reminders About Our Upcoming Call

1. Please allow a full 45-60 minutes so we can dive deep into what EXACTLY it is you want to achieve.

2. Store my number 917-648-8312 in your phone under "Coach Mitch"

3. Be sure to add this scheduled call to your calendar or set an alarm on your phone!

4. Please be in a QUITE PLACE with ZERO DISTRACTIONS (such as your home or office.)

5. If your form indicated that an additional person who helps make life/financial decisions needs to be on the call, make sure they have this scheduled call on their calendar as well.

Well...that's it! I look forward to listening to you and seeing if I can help!


Mitch Lee has been helping engaged women online for the past 15 years to look and feel amazing on the most memorable and photographed day of their lives - their wedding day!

He has been featured in magazines and newspapers such as The Riverdale Press, Scarsdale Patch, Idea Fitness Journal and Westchester Magazine.


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