Get Excited!


5 Reminders About Our Upcoming 15 Minute Discovery Call Regarding The Online Body Makeover Coaching Program For Brides!

1. This is a short phone call. This call is only going to last 10-15 minutes so I can find out these 3 things. (where you are, where you wanna go and the obstacles in your way)

If i feel like I can help you, then we will schedule a second phone call where we can take more of a deep dive into what it would look like to achieve what you want and discuss my program in more detail.

2. There is nothing to purchase on this first call. As a matter of fact, you couldn't purchase even if you wanted to. That only happens on the second phone call and only if we are a perfect fit.

3. Store my number in your phone under "Coach Mitch" so you know it's me when I call. My number is 917-648-8312

4. Please be 100% SURE to be in a QUITE PLACE with ZERO DISTRACTIONS (such as your home or office.)

5. If you need to reschedule the call, please give me at least 3 hour notice so you can be eligible for another complimentary call.

Well...that's it!

Have a great day!

Coach Mitch - Creator of The Online Body Makeover Coaching Program For Brides!