Your Call Has Been Set! 

If you can't make your phone call for ANY reason, please just let me know.


Reminders About Our Upcoming Call

1. Store my number 917-648-8312 in your phone under "Coach Mitch"

2. Please allow a full 45 minutes so we can dive deep into what EXACTLY it is you want to achieve.

3. Be sure to add this scheduled call to your calendar or set an alarm on your phone!

4. Please be in a QUITE PLACE with ZERO DISTRACTIONS (such as your home or office.)

5. If your form indicated that an additional person who helps make life/financial decisions needs to be on the call, make sure they have this scheduled call on their calendar as well.

6. If you need to reschedule, please notify me with 12 hours of notice!

Well...that's it! I look forward to listening to you and seeing if I can help!

Note: There Is a Financial Incentive On The First Call Only So Be Ready To Take Action If It's a Good Fit!


Success Stories


Mitch Lee has been helping engaged women online for the past 15 years to look and feel amazing on the most memorable and photographed day of their lives - their wedding day!

He has been featured in magazines and newspapers such as The Riverdale Press, Scarsdale Patch, Idea Fitness Journal and Westchester Magazine.