Ladies...Ready For Your Body Makeover?

7231 South Rea Park Ln Charlotte, North Carolina

The Charlotte Body Makeover is For

  • Any woman who...
  • struggles with their weight and that damn "scale"
  • struggles with getting toned and firm in the right places!
  • struggles with problem areas like butt, thighs, lower tummy, love handles or back of arms
  • struggles with staying consistent and motivated to "keep going!"
  • is sick and tired of "yo-yo" dieting!
  • is fed up with long and boring workouts that don't seem to work at all!
  • wants to achieve BOTH a noticeable and lasting change!
  • wants a customized and flexible lifestyle nutrition plan (NEVER DIET AGAIN!)
  • is looking for REAL RESULTS!

This is NOT For

    • women who want to procrastinate and "think about it" forever!
    • women who don't get along with others
    • negative "Nancy's" - sorry if your name is Nancy 🙂
    • women who don't want to make any diet changes at all and who have a closed mind!
    • women who want to "bargain hunt" for some cheap program instead of "results search"
    • women who refuse to be held accountable!
    • women who give up easily!

    What is Super-Charged Semi Private Training?

    Customized Workouts + Flexible Nutrition Plans + Super Accountability = LASTING RESULTS

    Imagine not just achieving the body of your dreams but actually ENJOYING THE WHOLE PROCESS.

    You'll not only make a full body transformation, but you'll make some GREAT FRIENDS along the way (including me I hope.)

    If this sounds like something that excites you and you want to learn more about this super-charged semi-private training program in Riverdale...

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    I will review the application form and text you within 24-48 hours to set up a complimentary 30 minute phone call to discuss things further and see if we are a good fit.


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