1. Recording Morning Weight
(Mandatory Every Week)

You have 2 options when it comes to recording your weight and reporting that number inside the app.

OPTION 1: Weigh yourself daily

OPTION 2: Weigh yourself every 7 days 

(pick a day and stick to it) * most popular and what I would recommend.

Popular days are usually Monday to start the week off, Friday to end the week right or Saturday when you finally have a chance to relax.

Tips On How To Weigh Yourself Correctly:

1. Always weigh yourself first thing in the morning when you wake up in little or no clothes.

2. Weigh yourself AFTER you go to the bathroom (should you need to.)

3. Weigh yourself BEFORE you eat or drink anything.

4. Keep the digital scale in the same place in your home (not on rug.)

5. Record that scale weight inside the app either daily or weekly!

2. Taking Progress Pics 
(Mandatory Every 4 Weeks)

Progress pics are done monthly.

Preferably, you will take 3 pics monthly: a front pic, a side pic and a back pic. 

If you can only take one pic, make it the front pic!

If nobody else can help you take the pics...

you can use a a tripod along with putting your smart phones camera on a 10 second timer so you can get into position.

If both those options don't work for you, at least take the front pic.

Tips On How To The Best Progress Pics:

1. BACKDROP: Stand against a white wall or a plain background. Make sure the lighting is good.

2. CLOTHES: Wear swimwear or athletic clothing to see your body changes. Wearing a fitted t-shirt or sports bra is another good option. Avoid loose clothing.

3. POSING: Pose naturally. Don't suck in or push out.

4. CONSISTENCY: Try to take the progress pics with the same clothes, with the same background and in the same spot so we can see body changes clearly.

5. HAND PLACEMENT: The front pic requires that your hands be on your hips. For the side and backside pic, you can have your hands and arms by your side.

3. Measuring Inches Lost
(Mandatory Every 4 Weeks)

Measurements are done MONTHLY with measuring tape.

You will take 5 different measurements across your body monthly to determine the "total inches lost" across your body.

Each person loses body-fat in different areas (it's just genetics) so...

it's important to take several measurements across the whole body to understand where your body is "losing" from easily and where your body is more "stubborn" with body-fat.

Tips for taking the measurements:

1. Wear form fitted clothing (ie. shorts and sports bra)

2. If you have a spouse, friend, kid or roommate, have them help you (it's a bit easier if someone can help you.)

3. If you will be doing the measurements by yourself, do this in front of a mirror.

These are the 5 areas of the body you will measure monthly with measuring tape: 

You will need a friend, partner or spouse to help with a couple of these areas for best results. If you have to do this alone, please be in front of a mirror to assist with accuracy.

1. CHEST/BUST LINE: Right around your bust across the top.

2. RIGHT BICEP: Put the top of the tape measure on the top of the right shoulder...and put the bottom of the tape measure on the top of the elbow and record the mid-point. The mid-point is where you do the measuring of the right bicep.

NOTE: Record where the mid-point was on the right bicep so you don't have to do it every month and leave room for error.

3. WAIST: Measure right across your belly button. Super easy! If you measure NOTHING ELSE, measure this area!

4. HIPS: This the "widest part of your hips FOR YOU" - usually this goes across the butt as well. 

Your spouse or friend will be able to see this but if you're doing this alone, stand in front of a mirror to see where the widest part of your hips are. 

NOTE: Make certain to keep your feet *completely together* when you take the measurement.

5. RIGHT THIGH: Put the top of the tape measure on the right hip bone... and put the bottom of the tape measure at the top of the right kneecap and record the mid-point. The mid-point is where you do the measuring for the right thigh. 

NOTE: Record where the mid-point was on the right thigh so you don't have to do it every month and leave room for error.

4. Measuring Body Fat %
(Highly Suggested)

Your body fat percentage tells me more about your health, your fitness level and how you will look and feel in clothes and pictures than the scale ever could. 

I found a good instructional video on YouTube below on how to take your body-fat percentage at home. 

So What's Your Body Fat Percentage?

After you total up the numbers of the 3 areas of the body you used the calipers with...

you're going to get a TOTAL SUM OF THE 3 sites (mm)

Look at the chart below on the left vertical side and...

1. Find where your total sum number fits....

2. Then slide over the chart to the right until you find your age range.

It's THAT NUMBER, that is your body-fat percentage.

For example...

if your total sum of the 3 sites was 73 mm and your age is 52, you would be 30% body-fat according to the chart.

Body Fat Chart
Which Quadrant Are You In?


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