On this page you will find everything you need to become a future "Fit Figure" success story.

We show you the best foods to buy, the best protein bars and cookies, the best protein shakes for fat loss, the best wine to get, the best ice cream to buy etc...we give it all to you!

BUT...you can't out-train a bad diet so...

eventhough are workouts are fast and effective and will burn a ton of calories, 85% of the battle is going to be what you put in your mouth.

Make sure to post what you ate and drank in the FB group ONCE A DAY at the end of the day for the entire 42 days!

You do that and show up to our workouts 3 times a week and you will be THRILLED with your new body!


How clients share what they are eating

Healthy Foods Overview 

This video is an overview of basic healthy food choices. Obviously nobody is going to be perfect but try to get most of your calories from healthy sources.


Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

Pre-Workout Snack Ideas

* Always eat something light and easily digestable about 30-90 minutes before your Fit Figure workouts with us.

Providing the body with 100-200 calories and 15-20 grams of protein before you train will give you more energy so you can perform at optimal levels.

Exception: If you train early in the morning like 6am you could get away with not eating before the workout because our workouts while challenging and effective...are short.

0% or 1% Greek yogurt
0% or 1% Greek yogurt with handful of berries
Low-fat or Fat-free cottage cheese
Low-fat or Fat-free cottage cheese with handful of berries
Low-fat or Fat-free cottage cheese inside 1/2 cantaloupe
Quest protein bar
1/2 of an Quest protein bar
Atkins Advantage bar
1/2 of an Atkins Advantage bar
Protein shake
Ready to drink protein shakes (the ones we recommend on this page)
Rolled up low sodium ham or turkey with low-fat cheese and slice of tomato
Beef jerky
2-3 scrambled eggs (1 yolk with 1-2 whites) with low-fat cheese with slice of cantaloupe
Veggie omelet with 1/2 cup strawberries on the side

side note: coffee black or with a little creamer is a great idea pre-workout.

Many studies show that caffeine helps you not only focus and contract muscles but also to burn fat more easily.


Post-workout Snack/Meal Ideas

Grocery List (go to the store ASAP)

Best Protein Bars or Cookies


Quest bars are the preferred protein bar for our transformation program.

They also started making Quest protein COOKIES and they are high in protein and low in carbs.

They are delicious so you can choose either the bar or the cookie or BOTH!

You can find the protein BAR anywhere including the local ShopRite, Stew Leonards or on Amazon.com or the Quest website

The best flavors for the bar in my opinion are white chocolate raspberry, cookies and cream and mint chocolate chunk

The Quest protein COOKIE you would need to order online either on the quest website or on AMAZON.com

My favorite flavors for the protein cookie are chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin!

The bars or the cookie are the perfect morning or afternoon snack or even a late night snack. They can even be used as a fast high-protein, high-fiber breakfast when you have no time to cook!

These bars or cookies really help you feel full, increase your fiber intake and help you reach your protein goals which most women are deficient in!

Remember...protein helps the body recover from our workouts plus it helps to build lean, toned bodies. Protein also helps you feel satisfied and regulates blood sugar.

Since most of our clients are deficient in protein and very busy, we highly recommend you getting these. Either the bar or the cookie or the ready-to-drink shake or the powder or all of them!

You choose what works best for your lifestyle

Alternate option: We have found that the Atkins protein bar is another good 2nd choice is you don't like the quest bars or cookie. You can find the Atkins protein bar at your local ShopRite or on Amazon.com or on the Atkins site

I like the chocolate peanut butter flavor for the Atkins bars.

WARNING: When you go into the store or online you will see several classes of Atkins bars. Stay away from the ones labeled "SNACKS" OR "TRAIL BARS" - you only want to choose a flavor from the the "meal bars" as they call them. Quest bars are still better but the Atkins is a close second. (There is a pic of the Atkins bar above)

Any bar you want to buy that is not on this list must be run by me first. Take a screen shot of the label and post it in the FB group so I can tell you if it's Fit Figure Approved!


Best Ready-to-Drink Protein Shakes


A perfect high protein, low carb and low sugar option for anyone.

If you're lazy like me (just kidding but not really) you will find these shakes to be life-savers. Our favorites are the muscle milk 100 calorie shake, the premier protein shake or the Atkins "Advant-Edge" shake.

You can find all three at your local store (pics above). We have found all 3 down the hill at ShopRite or you can get them on Amazon as well

Another amazingly tasty option are the "FitPro Go" shakes which I love and you can get them online HERE

Remember, if you are going to choose something not in the pic or on my list, run it by me first.


Best Protein Powders


All are created equal in my opinion as long as it has between 20-25g of protein per scoop, less than 6 grams of net carbs (total carbs minus the fiber) and 3 or less grams of sugar.

Choose any flavor but vanilla is the most versatile if you are going to make a shake with almond milk and or peanut butter and or fruit.

You can find them at the local ShopRite down the hill, CVS, Costco, Target, online or anywhere. We like Premier Protein, Advat-EDGE, Quest and Pure Protein.

Quest makes many flavors. Go HERE AND SEE

Have a look at our recipe book for awesome protein shake recipes. All you need is ice and a blender!

If you're a vegetarian, we like either Vega-Protein, Vega Organic Protein, Vegan Smart by Naturade or Orgain Organic Protein (which is at Costco) Images are shown below.

You can find these at CVS, I know for sure the ready to drink shakes from Orgain are sold at Costco or  simply get the one you want online.

The Vega site for bars, ready to drink shakes and/or powders is HERE 

The Orgain site for bars, ready to drink shakes and/or powders is HERE

The Vegan Smart by Naturade site for bars, ready to drink shakes and/or powders is HERE


Best High Protein, Low Sugar Ice Cream

Who doesn't LOVE ice cream?

The 2 best choices for a "higher protein, lower carb and low sugar" ice cream are either HALO TOP or ENLIGHTENED.

You can find them anywhere these days. The Shop Rite down the hill from our Scarsdale location has them. Costco sells one flavor of Halo Top and you can always go online at Amazon

You can learn about Halo Top HERE

You can learn about Enlightened HERE

If you're someone who struggles with portion control and you feel like you would eat the whole pint in one sitting (not recommended) as opposed to half or 1/3 of the container, then go with the Enlightened BARS  or the Carb Smart Bars from Breyers instead 

Best High Protein Chips

Most chips are really bad for you but not these!

The 3 best choices for a "higher protein, lower carb" chip are

1. Quest Protein chips. Order them HERE

2. Glenny's Soy Crisps. Order them HERE (not as good of a macro-nutrient profile as the other two but still good) or one I found online recently called...

3. SimplyProtein Chips. Order them HERE

DISCLAIMER: I have had only tried Glenny's which tastes good to me.

I would not have chips daily but once or twice a week is acceptable!



Download Our 21 Day Meal Plan (for meal and snack ideas)

feel free to download any one of these meal plans! They are "Paleo-based" as I'm a firm believer in a higher protein, higher fat, moderate to low carb approach especially for FAT LOSS!

You have an entire 21 days worth of meal plans!

Meat Eaters Recipe Book

Vegetarian Recipe Book



Calculate Your Calories (only if you are using MyFitnessPal) or skip this step

Use this AWESOME calorie calculator to determine how many calories a day you will need to achieve your desired result.

It will give you your maintenance level as well as how many calories you would need to eat to lose 1, 1.5 or even 2 lbs per week.

Note: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER go below 1,200 calories a day no matter what this calculator says or you will slow down your metabolism and you will lose muscle and gain fat even if you are working out.

As the quote says: "eating too much GETS you overweight but eating too little KEEPS you overweight"

Female Male
Your height: feet inches
Your weight: pounds
Your age: years
Activity level:

Approximate calories you need per day to maintain your current weight
Calories you need per day to lose 1 lbs a week
Calories you need per day to lose 1.5 lbs a week
Calories you need per day to lose 2 lbs a week

Note: These calculations are based on averages. Athletes may require a higher caloric intake to maintain their current weight.

Customize "MyFitnessPal" Macros (only if you feel like using it) Or Skip This Step

IF YOU DECIDE YOU WANNA USE MYFITNESSPAL (which is not mandatory)...This is a MUST WATCH video explaining how to customize your "MyFitnessPal" app the way I want you so you can lose fat and get toned.

It's not "just" about calories.

It's about macronutrient BALANCE so you're gonna wanna change your "macro nutrient goals" from the default goals that MFP has for you to what I recommend which is 35% protein, 35% carbs and 30% fats! (the video explains and shows you how)

Note: DO NOT track your fitness or your calories burned during exercise. This will totally screw up my calorie range that I have set for you. The ONLY THING you are going to use MFP for is to track your TOTAL calories and your % of protein, fats and carbs based on my recommendations.