Total Body & Health Transformation
Power Move 1: Clear Your Pantry, Fridge & Freezer of Junk Food

Step 1: Preparation

A. Set a Goal: Determine your motivation for clearing out your kitchen of junk food and processed crap that will only sabotage you and destroy any chances of a true body and health transformation. This could be for general health reasons, real health concerns and or for weight loss and a fit body. 

It is always important before you start anything to remember your "WHY." Why are you doing this? Keep that in mind as you go through this initial step.

B.) Gather Supplies: Have garbage bags, cleaning supplies, storage containers and labels ready. 

If you'd like to get a tissue box so you can have one last cry before you get rid of the stuff that is preventing you from living a healthy and fit life, you may also do that at this point. (I like to joke to make the process easier.)

Step 2: Clear Out Your Pantry

A.) Empty the pantry: take everything out of the pantry so you can see exactly what you have. 

B.) Sort Items: 

Keep: Whole greens, legumes, nuts, seeds, spices and other healthy staples. 

Discard: Items high in an added sugars, unhealthy fats and artificial ingredients like sugary cereals, chips, candies and processed snacks. 

C.) Clean: Wipe down shelves and storage containers.

D.) Organize: 

Place healthier items at eye level. 

Use clear containers and labels for easy identification.

Group similar items together.

Step 3: Clear Out Your Fridge

A.) Empty the fridge: Take everything out including shelves and drawers.

B.) Sort Items: 

Keep: Fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, dairy or dairy alternatives and condiments with minimal added sugars and preservatives.

Discard: Sugary drinks, prepackaged meals, processed meats, and high sugar condiments like sugary yogurts and salad dressings with added sugars.

C.) Clean: Wash shelves and drawers with warm, soapy water.

D.) Organize: 

Store healthy snacks at eye level.

Place use clear bins to organize similar items (ex. dairy in one area, vegetables in another and fruits in another.)

Label shelves and bins for easy access.

Step 4: Clear Out Your Freezer

A.) Empty the freezer: Take everything out.

B.) Sort Items: 

Keep: Frozen vegetables, frozen fruits, lean meats, seafood and whole grain bread.

Discard: Ice cream (only exceptions are Halo Top & Enlightened which are low sugar high protein "Coach Mitch approved" ice cream), frozen desserts, processed frozen meals and other high calorie, low nutrient items. You know what they are. 

C.) Clean: Defrost if necessary and clean shelves and drawers.

D.) Organize: 

Store healthy options like frozen fruits and vegetables and easy to reach areas.

Use clear containers to group similar items together.

Label containers with contents and dates.

When you have completed Power Move 1 and eliminated all the junk food from your pantry, fridge, and freezer... 

then and ONLY then, should you...

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