I Will Review Your Application Shortly!


Reminders Should The Call Take Place...

On the 60 minute call, my job is to...

1. get you crystal clear on what you want to achieve.

2. find out what has prevented you from reaching this goal on your own in the past.

3. see if you would like my help moving forward to create a step-by-step plan of action to get you from where you are to where you wanna be.

For the sake of transparency, if I feel like for whatever reason throughout this process (either after I review your application or during the call), you aren't a good fit for my program, I have an obligation to let you know. This program is only for women with disposable income who are willing to invest in themselves to achieve lasting change, who are ready RIGHT NOW and are the "3 C's"... Cool, Coachable and Committed!

4 Reminders...

1. Should the call take place, allow a full 60 minutes so we can dive deep into what EXACTLY it is you want to achieve and why you have not been able to get there or get back there on your own.

2. If the call is scheduled, please be 100% SURE to pick up the phone at the designated time and day and be in a QUITE PLACE with ZERO DISTRACTIONS (such as your home or office.)

I will not have the phone call and I won't reschedule the call if you are in the street, in your car, have the TV on in the backround or only have 30 minutes to talk etc...

The call is 60 minutes to potentially change your life and health and it cannot be rushed.

This is a SERIOUS call for a SERIOUS woman who wants to solve a SIGNIFICANT problem who might want my help.

3. If your application form indicated that an additional person such as your spouse, partner or parent needs to be on the phone with us... make 100% sure that person is on the call with us and also has a good idea about what this premier coaching service is about and why you may need my help.

The call will not take place unless all decision makers are on the phone.

4. Finally, if we BOTH decide together we want to work with each other, at the end of the call, I will offer you a one-time-only financial incentive to get started that is ONLY AVAILABLE on the phone.

There is zero pressure on the call...

my sole job is to serve you not sell you but...

if you want my help, please be ready to come to a "YES" or "NO" decision on the call and we will come to that conclusion together.

Either way, we part ways as friends and you'll be very clear on what it's going to take to be the best version of YOU!

Clients Who Invested In Themselves