Fit Figure Boot Camp Client Cancellation Policy

Fit Figure Boot Camp makes every effort to deliver the most effective fat-loss boot camp workouts and nutrition coaching/support to it's clients but...

if for whatever reason, you need to cancel your membership with FFBC, you must follow our standard operating procedure for cancelling.

How to cancel your membership services:

Simply go to and fill out the cancellation request form. This request form must be received no less than 30 days before your next scheduled auto debit date (as stated and agreed to on all signed contracts) or you will be responsible for the next scheduled auto debit(s). Any and all bills due according to the contract will be taken at "point of cancellation in full."

Any attempted cancellations that are made via voice mail or text are NOT valid and will not not be responded to.

Any attempted cancellations made through social media like Facebook, private Facebook messages, twitter etc. are NOT valid and will not be responded to. We are in no way responsible for responding to you in anyway other than the way your contract states.

Any conversations or questions about a billing issue on our private FB group is forbidden and will result in a temporary or permanent ban from the group. Tagging Mr. Lee or any of his trainers regarding billing is also prohibited and will have the same result. The FB group is for diet and fitness related questions only.

Have a general billing question/request like:

"I need to change my card on file" or "when is my auto debit date?" or if you need to request an auto debit bump by a week or two due to a scheduled upcoming vacation, please  send all those billing questions to, that's billing(dot)

There are no billing bumps for clients going through the initial 6 or 8 or 12 week trial.

After the 6 or 8 or 12 week trial, should the client continue on with us, there is a 4 week maximum limit for "auto debit" bump requests "per 6 months with us" in order to ensure this client courtesy is not being taken advantage of... but also to keep all clients focused and consistent so they can continue to achieve their goals.

No billing changes or adjustments will be made by notifying us of "past vacations" or past situations of any kind.

Any billing bump request must be for a "future" work-related issue or "future" vacation/situation.

You may not request auto debit bumps for a period of time less than 7 days with a maximum being 30 days total within a given 6 month period.

We need no less than 7 days notification for a future billing bump. If we do not receive the request with at least that amount of notice, the next auto debit will go through and will not be refunded however, we will skip your next auto debit or debits (should the request fall within our rules stated here)

NOTE ON ALL PAID IN FULLS: All special pricing "paid-in-full" sales are non refundable with no transfers or partial transfers. All "paid in full sales" are final. They all "auto-renew" as clearly stated on the checkout page unless client cancels according to our policy which is to fill out the online cancellation request form (as stated above) with no less than 14 days notice from your next auto renewal date.

* 30 days notice is required if you signed up in 2017 or later.
* This is regardless of any excuse including but not limited to change of residence, loss of motivation, forgetting and is regardless of attendance as stated on the checkout page.


Our policy is crystal clear and it's...

  • On all signed and initalled contracts (which both parties have a copy of)
  • Emailed to all new clients in a welcome email
  • On our website

Please understand our standard operating procedure for cancelling is firm with ZERO exceptions.

Thank you for your consideration,

The FFBC Team 🙂