Looking Forward To The Phone Call ­čÖé


1. My number is 917-648-8312 Store it in your phone right now under the saved contact "Coach Mitch" so you know it's me!

2. Be sure to make a note about the day and time we are scheduled for the CALL so...

- mark it in your Google calendar now!
- set it as a reminder on your phone now!
- Put a big sticky sign on your front door
- staple a note to your forehead (ok, maybe not this last one)

I will also send you a few text message reminders as well!


3.) Please pick up the phone when I call you.

This is your chance for a complete body makeover. Please be courteous of my time. If for whatever reason you need to reschedule your phone call, please give me at least 6 hours notice in order to be eligible for a second call.


4. Fair warning. I don't accept everyone I talk with into this program. We will take a look at what's not working in your diet and fitness and if my program is the BRIDGE between where you are and where you wanna go and we get a good vibe from each other, the times work for you and the investment cost fits your budget, THEN and only then will we move into the final step which is to meet at he Whitehall Club for an orientation and to discuss the final steps in becoming a Body Makeover Client. 



Your Next!

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