Ladies...Ready For Your 12 Week Total Body Makeover?

3333 Henry Hudson Parkway Inside the White Hall Building in Riverdale

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Who This is For

  • Any woman who struggles with their weight
  • struggles with body-fat and getting toned
  • struggles with problem areas like the butt, thighs, tummy or back of arms
  • struggles with staying consistent and motivated
  • wants WORLD-CLASS accountability
  • wants a customized flexible diet plan
  • wants to achieve noticeable and lasting change
  • any woman who is looking for REAL RESULTS, not a "deal"

This is NOT For

    • anyone looking for "cheap" or a "deal"
    • women who want to procrastinate and "think about it" forever
    • women who don't get along with others
    • negative "Nancy's" - sorry if your name is Nancy 🙂
    • women who don't want to make diet changes
    • "know-it-alls"
    • anyone who doesn't want to be held accountable
    • anyone who doesn't like puppies (how can you not like puppies)

    What's Included if Accepted


    Top Notch Accountability

    Put simply, you have NEVER experienced the level of support, motivation and accountability that I will provide if I accept you into this body makeover program.


    I am not cheap but that's because I have a 20 year track record of success working EXCLUSIVELY with women!

    You will be a VIP client and receive nothing other than outstanding service in addition to jaw-dropping results!

    You'll get everything you need to be successful.

    A program like this gives you much more than just 2-3 workouts per week.

    That's why it's called a PROGRAM.

    It's the perfect combo of problem-area specific workouts, customized and adjustable nutrition and SUPER CHARGED accountability.

    I will weigh you every single week, measure your body-fat % monthly and be in touch with you DAILY to analyze your food journal.

    And if that's not enough... I will be in touch with you twice weekly via text to check up on you to make sure everything is ok and answer any questions you have.

    I mean it when I say, you have NEVER gotten the kind of treatment you will experience with me.

    Bottom line, your body will be a walking, talking testimonial of what my highest level of service can do so I will do EVERYTHING to ensure you achieve your goals and many times you'll actually surpass them.

    Problem-Area Specific Workouts

    If accepted, understand that you will be training exclusively with me. I don't outsource my training to "other trainers" for this program.

    With 20 years of experience of working with only women, I know a thing or two about how to get women in tip top shape.

    EVERY workout will be fun!

    EVERY workout will be different!

    EVERY workout will be fast (30 minutes max!)

    EVERY workout will target trouble zones like the butt, thighs, tummy and back of the arms!

    The goal?

    Maximum fat burn in minimum time. Burn the fat, tone the body, get you addicted!!

    You will leave every workout knowing with 100% confidence that you have the BEST trainer in town who is 100% dedicated to achieving the outcome you want.

    Like I've said several times on this page, this is THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF SERVICE I OFFER AND I DON'T COME CHEAP.

    I don't sell "classes" or "sessions" or "10 packs" or "coupons" or "deals"...

    I SELL AN OUTCOME and that outcome is a TOTAL BODY MAKEOVER through the right type of workouts, the right type of diet for you and unmatched accountability!!!

    Still interested? Read on...

    Customized and Adjustable Nutrition Plan

    This is NOT some cookie-cutter diet you can just "google."

    Remember, this is my HIGHEST LEVEL of SERVICE so I will working with you to customize a diet plan that works in your life.

    I will give you a very flexible "non-diet" nutrition lifestyle plan to start out and if needed we will make adjustments together to ensure the weekly measurements show nothing other than OUTSTANDING PROGRESS!

    The goal is to change as little as possible while achieving maximum results.

    You'll get everything you need to be successful.

    As part of the program you'll be given my...

    - Fit Figure Makeover grocery list
    - the portion control hack (so you never have to count calories or measure anything again)
    - fast food and restaurant guide (so you can eat out and still feel empowered and in control)
    - alcohol guide- the meal creator checklist so you will know EXACTLY how to create a balanced meal or snack
    - meal and snack choices (over 50 of them)
    - delicious protein shake and smoothie recipes
    - recipe book for both meat eaters and vegetarians

    and if that's not enough...

    I will personally be going over your food journal weekly to make sure you are on track PLUS...

    you will receive multiple "check up on ya" texts to make sure you

    - stay motivated
    - keep your eye on the goal
    - and feel supported both inside the gym and outside.

    As a V.I.P. client, I will be with you step-by-step through the whole process until you achieve the MAKEOVER of your dreams.

    When I say TOP NOTCH VIP service, I mean it!!!

    That's why this is an application process...because I am particular about who I work with.

    Feel Part of the "Makeover" VIP Community

    It's not just about the destination, but the journey and who you will be achieving the transformation with.

    Imagine not just achieving the body of your dreams but actually ENJOYING THE WHOLE PROCESS.

    Well, that's my GOAL for YOU with this EXCLUSIVE PROGRAM!

    This ELITE small group of my choosing will be working together and changing their bodies and their mindset of what they can actually accomplish with a smart game plan and super charged accountability.

    You'll not only make a full body transformation, but you'll make some GREAT FRIENDS along the way (including me I hope.)

    In almost no time, you won't even think about it as "going to the fitness studio", you'll just wanna come in, feel great and see your friends.

    If this sounds like something that excites you...

    Then apply for the SMALL GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING VIP PROGRAM by clicking the button below

    Schedule a time for a face-to-face meeting with me at the fitness studio inside the White Hall Club located at 3333 Henry Hudson Parkway in Riverdale.

    Let's see if we are a good fit!



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    We value your privacy and never spam you