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The Online Body Makeover Coaching Program is For

  • Any woman who would prefer to workout in the comfort, SAFETY and convenience of their home
  • struggles with their weight and has at least 15 lbs to lose
  • is fed up with extreme dieting, exhausting workouts and super boring cardio
  • struggles with certain "trouble spots" that won't seem to go away or get toned
  • wants to firm and tone their butt, thighs, lower tummy, love handles, bra-bulge or arms
  • is sick and tired of the "yo-yo" rollercoaster ride of losing weight only to gain it all back plus more
  • struggles with staying consistent and motivated to "keep going!"
  • wants a customized and flexible "never diet again" nutrition plan that works for their lifestyle and tastebuds
  • wants and values 1-on-1 private accountability, motivation and support with your very own health coach via email, text, phone or Skype
  • wants to see lasting and noticeable results with short, fast and effective custom workouts catered to their fitness level and specific goals

The Online Body Makeover Coaching Program Is NOT For

    • women who are not coachable or committed
    • women who don't want to workout in the comfort and safety of their home
    • women who find no value or benefit in custom workouts created for their fitness level and personal goals
    • women who tend to procrastinate and "think about it" forever
    • women who don't see the extreme value in receiving 1-on-1 personal attention and support
    • women who don't want to be held accountable to their diet
    • women who like to price shop instead of search for the best coach/program that will get them the lasting and noticeable results they have always wanted.
    • women who are ok staying, looking and feeling exactly the same

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