We will go over the BEST vitamins/supplements I feel you should implement in your diet.

Gonna keep it real simple - just the IMPORTANT ONES - nothing more.

While I find COSTCO to be the most affordable and the place that seems to have everything in stock always...

there are certainly tons of places you can get these from CVS to your local grocery store or you can keep it even easier and order online at bodybuilding.com or on Amazon.

Omega-3 Fish Oil

COSTCO COST - $17.99 for 230 soft gels. Take one a day. It will last you almost 8 months!


May reduce hunger
Increase Metabolism
May Boost the effects of exercise
May help lose fat and inches
Controls and regulates blood sugar better
Lubricates the joints
and more...

Women's Multivitamin

COSTCO COST - $17.99 for 300 tablets. Take one a day. It will last you about 10 months!


Helps with regulating proper metabolism
Helps control hunger
May aid in weight loss and body fat
Ensures there aren't any deficiencies due to a poor diet
and more...

Glucosamine and Chondroitin

COSTCO COST - $22.99 for 220 tablets. Take 2 a day. It will last you almost 4 months!


Helps lubricate and cushion joints
Helps protect cartilage
and more...



COSTCO COST - $32.49 - 62 "servings" per container. Each "serving" is 2 scoops.
The whole container will last you about 2 months!

Simply mix 2 scoops with 10-12 ounces of water, Powerade ZERO or Gatorade ZERO.

The best time to consume this is DURING our workouts to prevent muscle breakdown and to have more energy and focus.


muscle recovery and support
increased energy
increased focus
and more...



Greens Drink (CytoGREENS)

COST ON BODYBUILDING.COM - $26.99 for 30 servings.

Take one serving daily. It will last 1 month.

You could also take 1/2 a serving if ya want to make it more economical and you'll still benefit from it and it will last twice as long (2 months.)

Just mix with half a bottle of water and maybe add a squirt of lemon juice (that's what I do) first thing in the morning (even before coffee.)


helps to alkalize your body - (which is fancy talk for saying we eat stuff that makes our bodies very acidic which is damaging... so this helps our bodies maintain a more alkaline state rather than an acidic state.

Improves energy levels
Improves fitness performance
Greater endurnace
Liver defense
Immune System defense


This has 21x the detoxifying chlorophyll as a serving of dark leafy vegetables.
More vitamin B12 than an 8 oz steak

I'm not one for fad detox "DIETS" but this detoxifying supplement is one of my favs!