Scarsdale Boot Camp Client Kristin Drops 5 Sizes

Every week inside our Scarsdale Boot Camp "Client Only" Facebook Coaching Group we get updates from our clients about their success!

Recently we got an amazing and inspirational update from Kristen.

She attends our Scarsdale Boot Camp about 2-3x per week and guess what?

She actually has gone down 5 sizes from a 16 to a 6!

Pretty amazing huh!

I asked her what her top 2 tips were and here is what she said:

Scarsdale Boot Camp Client Tip #1: Forget The Scale

Simple yet rarely rarely understood. You see, the scale will always give the "least intelligent answer" of all the ways to check progress.

The scale does not take into account inches lost, tightness, lifted-ness (is that a word?), the addition of lean muscle and the loss of body fat (body composition stats). It only spits out a number but who cares about an arbitrary number?

The only reason we obsess over the "number" is because we are making a mental association with how we think we will "look" once we hit that number but RARELY does that happen right?

If the scale were a person, it would see the world as flat. But we all know the world is round, orbiting around the sun and spinning all at the same time!

The #1 BEST way is to take what is called "progress" pics. While it is not mandatory with our Scarsdale boot camp clients, it is highly suggested and most do.

Progress pics are simply pics that are taken of you at three angles...

the front pic, the side pic and your backside.

You typically wear a pair of shorts and a tank top or something revealing enough to show the changes in your body. Every 2 weeks you take the pics again and save them on your desktop in a special folder.

You would be amazed at the progress, loss of inches and body changes when you have a side by side comparison from a picture. A picture really is worth 1,000 words.

The second best way to track progress is to have a favorite pair of jeans out and every 2 weeks try them on and see how they fit. It will be obvious that your body is changing for the better with this simple tactic.

Lastly, simply look in the mirror. The "mirror don't lie" as they say.

Scarsdale Boot Camp Client Tip #2: Don't Deprive Yourself Of The Foods You Love

This is a biggie! Let's be honest. DIETS stink.

Not only do they not last but 85% of the time you are on them, they make you miserable.

At Fit Figure Scarsdale Boot Camp?we never have our clients "go on" on a diet.

Kristen said it best. "Everything in moderation"

The moment you totally get rid of something you CRAVE it and you can't stop thinking about.

What we do is totally different and effective.

Our clients simply track their calories and their macros (given to them by our custom Fit Figure Calculator) and bam! They start seeing results and progress predictably and consistently.

No fads, no shakes, no pills, no weird stuff. Just calorie control and macro percentage control.

Every week we have clients reporting that they had ice cream, had wine, had chocolate and yes...

even a cheat meal or two and are still seeing great progress!!!

I hope you found this blog helpful...

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